5D Healing Crystals

Agni Gold Danburite [RARE] Tanzania



Sometimes called golden healer danburite, Agni gold danburite is from the southern region of Africa and the rarest color of danburite. It’s a Solar Plexus Chakra stone that ignites personal power, connecting you even more to your center of confidence and strength. 

Agni gold danburite fires up, connects you to, and helps you to rest in your power. It’s a stone of sovereignty and healing, especially from emotional and spiritual wounds that have affected your Solar Plexus.

If you’ve felt a bit out of your power and maybe even powerless, this stone helps you reignite that sense of power and purpose and belief in yourself so you can move through the world with a greater sense of confidence.

The frequency of Agni gold danburite connects to the Solar Plexus and Crown Chakras, activating and opening the channels to higher dimensional information. Additionally, it facilitates clarity of thought and a positive approach to life’s experiences and lessons.

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