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Bian Stone Gua Sha

Bian Stone Properties

What makes the Bian Stone so special?

Due to the special circumstances that lead to the formation of the Bian Stone…the place from out of space where the meteorite come from, the size of it when it collided with earth and the place the meteorite hit the ground, all contribute to make the Bian Stone unique!
We will first mention some of the Bian Stones properties in short and after go into each of the properties in more details and explain about what benefits to the human body those may have and may do.
The Bian Stone;

There are more than 40 trace elements and mineralsin the Bian Stone. Some very rare!

About 20 of these trace Elements and Minerals are said to have anti-ageing properties!

By rubbing it against the skin, the Bian Stone can generate far infrared red waves

The Friction between the skin and the Bian Stone can create ultrasound pulses in the therapeutic ultra sound wave range

The Bian Stone can produce negative ions when rubbed against the skin

Negative Ions are known to help with the anti- oxidation (anti-aging) process in humans cells and DNA

The structure of the Bian Stone’s is 96% compact calcite crystal, with a size less than 0.03mm. Making the Bian Stone super SMOOTH!

Thanks to a Meteorite crashing into Earth for so many millions of years ago, we can still today reap the benefits of what occurred in the western part of Shandong in China. The Bian Stone‘s properties make it an outstanding choice to use in Healing and increase Health and Wellbeing. Just remember, that it is NOT the Bian Stone that DOES the Healing…
The Bian Stone is instrument, the tool to help the body to do its work as it intended to do.

Gua Sha How and Why

How it Started

Gua Sha most likely started with a person hitting their ‘funny bone’ (Ulnar nerve) or knocked their Shin bone (lower front leg) on something hard and sharp. The first response then, as most often now, was most likely to ‘rub it better’!

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)took the ‘rubbing’ to a higher level, and called it Gua Sha. Millions of people today use Gua Sha in one form or another.

The Meaning

Gua Sha is put together from the word GUA that means ‘Rub’ or ‘Scrape’ and SHA that can be translated into ‘Heat’, ‘Stagnated Blood’ or ‘Bad Blood’.

The meaning of Gua Sha can therefore be interpret as ‘Scraping the Heat or/and Bad, Stagnated Blood away’.

What is Gua Sha used for

Gua Sha is often known for its fast and effective use as a Pain Reliever, as well as a way to take away Stiffness in the body. In TCM, Gua Sha is also used to ‘get rid of’ Colds, help with Digestive problems and alleviate symptoms of many de-genitive diseases (like arteritis!)

An interesting fact is that the Western word “Inflammation” goes back a Latin word meaning ‘set on fire’ or ‘ignite’. By knowing the meaning of Inflammation and the meaning of Gua Sha, it makes sense that TCM have used the technique of ‘rubbing and scraping out the heat’ from an inflamed body part to try to make it better, instead of just ‘Dull the Pain’ with some drugs or pain killers.

During many thousands of years Gua Sha has been used for;

Pain Relief in Muscles and Joints (helps remove or reduce the reason for the pain as well as trigger the body’s natural pain relief hormones)

Open Meridian Pathways (was used as such even before acupuncture)

Strengthen the Body, by trigger the natural immune system

Increase Blood Circulation (this is good for everybody!)

Detoxing (the toxin get driven out and expelled by the Sha or other natural means)

Relaxation (a relaxation Gua Sha treatment may feel like a meditation and as the body’s respond to this sort of Gua Sha treatment is to reduce Stress Hormones …the body relaxes!)

Rejuvenate Cells (very much to the better blood flow and by that more oxygen and nutrition reaching the cells)

Re-balancing Emotions (in TCM Emotions and the Body are closely linked, so by improving the Homeostasis in the Body, the Emotions may be more stable too)

Clarity of Mind (in TCM the Body, Mind and Emotions are closely connected, so by Balance the Body the Mind may benefit greatly!)

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