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The Crystal Starter Kit is a special limited collection by DANO and 5D Healing Crystals that features three necklaces with three sets of stones for the most essential objectives of crystal healing work: Cleanse and Charge, Ground and Protect, and Prosper and Flourish. 

The Prosper and Flourish Kit features two stones in a unique convertible trompe l’oeil necklace: Jade and Aventurine. 

Jade is long regarded as a stone of prosperity in different cultures especially in Southeast Asia. Jade provides confidence, security, protection and a conducive environment for manifestation and actually making a reality what you wish for. Jade teems with the energy of abundance that makes it a favorite of many. 

Aventurine is named after the Italian “aventura,” which means chance. Aventurine is a stone that hints at great fortune and abundance by helping you understand what abundance truly means. Aventurine then helps you become emotionally ready for this new state of abundance, prosperity and success. 



The unique design of the Prosper And Flourish Necklace allows for many and different styling possibilities. 

Each necklace’s look can be changed simply by sliding the Jade barrel for it to sit closer or farther away from its Aventurine partner. Every inch closer or farther Jade is from Aventurine is a new look.

You can go for an asymmetrical look or keep the original optical illusion (trompe l’oeil) of two necklaces layered together. The possibilities are endless.

(Styling tips coming soon) 

The Prosper and Flourish kit comes with your Jade and Aventurine necklace set on a hypoallergenic stainless steel chain with a customizable length on purchase.

The kit also comes with its own DANO Komono Jewel case designed and produced in chocolate brown full grain calf leather for this special collection. The color choice for this necklace is a reference to the energy of earth and the Pentacles in Tarot and its deep connections to material prosperity, abundance, and wealth.

This special Komono Jewel case may only be purchased with this Kit.

The Prosper and Flourish kit also ships in gift-ready packaging with a special card to tell you more about the collection and how to take care of you new crystal.

Each kit is handcrafted and hand-assembled using only natural materials. Each kit is also pre-cleansed and infused with pranic healing energy so it's ready to work with you when you are.

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