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Muonionalusta Meteorite

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Meteorites channel the energy of the Universe into the palm of your hands. This will clarify your life purpose in the grand scheme of things.

This gorgeous octahedrite that landed in Scandinavia is over 4.6 billion years old. Having endured 4 ice ages, it brings power and endurance to you when you hold the meteoriote.

Muonionalusta bears the answers of the cosmos within, making it great for philosophers, spiritual leaders and those wishing to expand their consciousness.

Muonionalusta meteorite

The Earth is constantly bombarded with projectiles every day. Fortunately, a vast majority of these materials evaporate or falls into the sea, but sometimes they also happen to hit the surface. These are called meteorites. Imagine you could see everything a meteorite has seen all through its years of traveling. It could educate us so much about the world we live in! Meteorites are among the oldest things we find on earth. Actually, some are even older than the planet we live on - and probably even our solar system. One such old meteorite is Muonionalusta.

The history of #Muonionalusta #meteorite

In spite of the fact that it struck our planet a million years ago and endured 4 ice ages, the first ever part of the Muonionalusta meteorite was just found in 1906. It was named after the stream Muonio, at the border between Sweden and Finland, above the Arctic Circle, where it was found.

In 1906, a few kids found an exceptionally heavy and rusty 'stone' near a village called Kitkiöjärvi. They took it home and some way or the other it found its way to researchers, who could decipher its true nature. And that’s when Muonionalusta meteorite was named.

The nature of Muonionalusta

Muonionalusta meteorites can be found in an area as large as 40km x 20km. They are among the meteorites with the most alluring etch patterns. Cut and etched, the interior reveals impeccable Widmannstätten design and inclusions like Troilite. The outside, when untreated, resembles a rusty bark. Strangely, some Muonionalusta meteorites are very weathered, though others are in excellent shape for their high terrestrial age of 800,000 years. Scientists say that maybe permafrost helped to preserve their state.

Metaphysical Benefits of Meteorite Crystals

These meteorites can assist in the evolution of human consciousness, they
provide information from other worlds for the greater good of our planet. Meteorites assist in spiritual growth, enhance psychic abilities, and are often used to connect with beings from other realms. Meditation with a Meteorite helps one to receive and channel information about the possibility of living a life in another galaxy. Astrologers can also use this unique energy to improve information and accuracy.

Muonionalusta Meteorite Uses:

Meteorites and space stones bring the energy of the Universe to the palm of your hands. They are excellent for those working with space exploration, UFO communication, astral travel, and expanding of consciousness. They are highly recommended for meditation and alien activity work or channeling, inter-dimensional shamanic journeying, and astral travel.

The energy of meteorites are literally out of this world, which is what makes them unique and amazing. There are thousands of different meteorites, each which will have its own energy in addition to the common traits.

This helps clarify your individual life purpose in the grand scheme of things. Meteorites are exciting to touch and make fascinating conversational pieces. They are a must-have for those channeling aliens and extraterrestrial beings beyond Earth.

In general, meteorites are revered as sacred gifts from God or the Universe.

Muonionalusta is a timeless stone, which reminds us once again of the vastness of the universe. You don’t have to be an astrologer to own a Muonionalusta meteorite. Your enthusiasm for space and the love to comprehend the various aspects of the Universe should be enough reason for you to acquire the 'Spiral Galaxy'.

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