5D Healing Crystals

Healers Gold 12mm Bracelet (Rare)


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Healers Gold, as it’s name suggests, has been used by those who practice the healing arts to help them stay energised during healing sessions and prevent them from feeling drained or exhausted. This crystal works by boosting the energy of both the healer and the receiver. It is believed to provide protection from the harmful radiation emitted by electronic devices. It has been traditionally used to overcome infertility in both men and women.

Pyrite is regarded as a stone of protection and intellect. It is believed to enhance logic, analysis, mental stability, intelligence, creativity, psychic development and memory. It is also said to have a very grounding influence. Magnetite may bring yin/yang energies into balance and align the body's chakras. It is often used to ease or dispel anger, fear, grief, attachment and confusion. It may increase its wearer or keeper's energy levels and endurance, as well as help to relieve burdens. Many claim that magnetite also emits a mysterious, attractive energy that summons love, good fortune and power, and that it guards us against infidelity. In keeping healer's gold as a companion, you may notice that you are feeling more decisive and that your outlook is becoming more positive. It may instill in you feelings of peace and harmony and strengthen your will. Also, consider keeping healer's gold around electronic devices such as computers in your home and/or workplace, since it is believed to provide protection from the harmful radiation emitted from them.

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