5D Healing Crystals

Hiddenite Spodumene (Rare)


It overcomes life's obstacles by providing tenacity, perseverance and patience.

Carrying Hiddenite awakens and attracts true love in the earthly sense as well as spiritual twin soul love. [Eason, 273] It provides a constant pulse of loving heart energy, and is a great gift to oneself and partner if love has gone stale in a relationship to help dissolve blockages in both hearts. [Simmons, 200]

Hiddenite is an excellent crystal for those who have difficulty expressing their emotions or in proclaiming their love. [Melody, 362]

Hiddenite is a wonderful stone for children, easing their emotional distress, and can be used as a healing stone to treat members of the family, friends, or pets, especially when conventional treatments are traumatic or not working. [Ahsian, 201][Eason, 273]

As a protective stone, Hiddenite dispels negativity, shielding the body’s aura from unwanted energies and mental influences, and dispelling attached entities. It also works in the environment to block geopathic stress. Wear as a pendant or tape to a cell phone or other electromagnetic devices. [Hall, 162-163]

Hiddenite helps in healing deep psychic wounds of the heart and is an excellent crystal for recovery from addictions and abuse. It is particularly comforting for those who have lost someone dear, whether through bereavement, moving far away or because of estrangement. It also assists in coping strategies when dealing with the loss of something central to your life, such as a home or job. Besides its healing properties, Hiddenite is a crystal of renewal, providing hope in difficult circumstances.


Passed over the body, Hiddenite can be a useful diagnostic tool in revealing areas of weakness, coldness, and dis-ease, and may be used in radionic analysis. [Hall, 164-165] It boosts the power of herbs, essential oils, homeopathic remedies and hydrotherapy.[Eason, 273]

Hiddenite strengthens the circulatory system and heart muscle, and is helpful in treating neuralgia, joint pain and toothache. [Hall, 163][Gienger, 48]

Hiddenite enhances the treatment of depression and psychiatric disorders, and assists the physical body in recovering from emotional stress. [Hall, 164][Melody, 363] It may aid in balancing the hemispheres of the brain, fluid imbalances, and in easing hyperventilation. [Eason, 273]

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