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Platinum nugget

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 Platinum is quite literally out of this world. Famed through its affiliation with extraterrestrials, this metal actually does emulate vibrations of raw galactic energy. The cosmos are said to be at your fingertips when working with raw Platinum shards. Raw shards of this metal are extremely rare.

Regardless, this stone has hands down some of the most interesting and unique properties of any mineral in the Crystal Kingdom. In the words of Robert Simmons we are given an image of polarity “ As Gold is to personality as Silver is to Soul, Platinum is Spirit.” It has been known to help one perfect the balance of polarity in their life.

Platinum resonates on the frequencies of multiple dimensions and allows for interdimensional travel. When working with this metal, one is granted visions of alternate dimensions and timelines. This allows one to gain insight and revelations that ultimately lead to spiritual growth. In working interconnectedwith multiple dimensions, one can attune to the highest possible frequencies and bring them into one’s own physical reality.

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