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Stibnite is a very strong transformation stone that activates and helps align all chakras. This crystal is associated with the planet and god Pluto, which is the ruler of all things rebirth, transformation, and power. It helps one shed their skin like that of a snake and transform you into who your truly want to be.



Stibnite and Calcite From Herja Mine, Chiuzbaia (Kisbanya), Baia Mare, Maramures Co., Romania.
Photo: www.5dhealingcrystals

#stibnite is a toxic antimony sulfide mineral with an orthorhombic crystal lattice and a source of metalloid antimony. Stibnite paste has been used for thousands of years for cosmetics to darken eyebrows and lashes. The mineral was also used to make eating utensils, causing poisoning from antimony ingestion.

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