5D Healing Crystals

Galena, Sphalerite ,Pyrite and Clear Quartz


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A fantastic combination of Galena, Sphalerite ,Pyrite and Clear Quartz from Peru


• Grounding and Stability: Galena is often used for grounding and promoting stability. It is believed to help establish a strong connection with the Earth’s energy, fostering a sense of balance and centeredness.
• Emotional Healing: Galena is thought to have properties that assist in emotional healing and releasing negative emotions. It is believed to help alleviate feelings of anger, resentment, and fear, promoting emotional harmony.


• Transformation and Renewal: Sphalerite is associated with transformation and personal growth. It is believed to facilitate change and help overcome challenges, encouraging the release of old patterns and embracing new beginnings.
• Energizing and Vitality: Sphalerite is said to boost energy levels and enhance vitality. It may help increase motivation, drive, and enthusiasm for life, supporting overall well-being and productivity.


• Amplification and Clarity: Quartz is known for its amplifying properties, both in terms of energy and intention. It is believed to enhance the effects of other crystals and facilitate clarity of thought and intention.
• Spiritual Growth and Connection: Quartz is often associated with spiritual growth and expanded consciousness. It is believed to facilitate connection with higher realms, enhance intuition, and promote spiritual awareness.

Iron Pyrite:

• Manifestation and Abundance: Iron pyrite, also known as “Fool’s Gold,” is often associated with manifestation and abundance. It is believed to attract wealth, prosperity, and opportunities, assisting in manifesting one’s goals and desires.
• Protection and Energy Shielding: Iron pyrite is thought to possess strong protective energies, shielding against negative influences and energy drains. It may help create a protective boundary and enhance one’s auric field.


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