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2023 Dog Zodiac Bracelet


2023 DOG Bracelet
Complete personal cure
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According to Chinese culture, the dog represents loyalty and prosperity. People even traditionally believed that the arrival of a stray dog to one’s house meant the arrival of wealth. If you are born in the year of the Dog, you are genuine, reliable and forthright in your dealings with others. Bold and responsible, you may find yourself in a leadership role even though you have not considered such a position.

You view the world in black and white, and you have an uncanny sense of danger. While you can be prone to paranoia, your observations are usually spot-on. With your cautious personality, you need time and affirmation before accepting others. This may cause you to appear distant and picky. Yet, once you accept someone, you will be loyal and supportive.
Strengths: Faithful, honest, courageous, sincere
Weaknesses: Anxious, distant, self-righteous, picky
Most compatible signs: Tiger, Rabbit, Horse
Least compatible sign: Dragon

2023 Outlook 

The DOG has some afflictions to contend with, with the Five Yellow and the 24 Mountains Stars bringing some dangers. This is a year when you need to stay well protected, so take note of the required remedies. Maintain an upbeat attitude and try not to attract too much attention to yourself. Opportunities are there, you just need to spot them. Formulate firm goals but don’t be impatient about realizing them. An excellent “foundation” year to build for the future. Celebrate small successes to keep up morale and be mindful of the company you keep.

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