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2023 Horse Zodiac Bracelet


2023 HORSE bracelet

Horses have been held in high regard for their strong yang energy and association with success and prosperity. People born in the year of the Horse are natural leaders. You are also an idealistic dreamer who is passionate about life, freedom and independence.

Generous and warm-hearted, you can charm others off their feet with your innate social skills. It also helps that you take extra care with your appearance and keep up with fashion trends. Those of the Horse zodiac are usually full of energy, motivated and always exploring something new. When things don’t go your way, you are quick to lose your temper, in part due to your impatient nature. Pay heed not to let your vanity lead you to extravagance.
Strengths: Optimistic, independent, generous, energetic
Weaknesses: Impatient, short-tempered, vain, extravagant
Most compatible signs: Tiger, Goat, Dog
Least compatible sign: Rat

2023 Outlook 

Blessed by the Happiness (天喜) and Success (太阴) stars, you have much to look forward to this year. Your positivity shall attract benefactors and timely help is always around the corner. As you thrive in a flourishing career and wealth luck, you can expect good news frequently. That said, this busy year can overwhelm you, making you prone to anxiety. Try to stay calm, especially in chaotic situations. Stay alert and take the words of others with a pinch of salt. Your agile thinking will help you to turn difficult situations around.

The HORSE is extremely blessed in 2023 with excellent element luck & the Prosperity Star landing in your sector. Your confidence levels are high, especially if you surround yourself with supportive friends and family.

You have a Yearly Conflict Star, but this is easily remedied with the right cures found in 2023 HORSE bracelet. Don’t let discord of any kind spoil an otherwise excellent year. Wealth luck looks promising, so turn your thoughts towards fruitful investments and building up a nest egg for the future.

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