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2023 P R O S P E R I T Y B A S K E T


A Fengshui Wealth Basket is a symbol of wealth, prosperity, happiness, good health and long life. Just like the way farmers believe in the rule, ‘the more you plant, the bigger the harvest at the end of the day’; in the same way, we too are the farmers of our own wealth and destiny. The legend of the Chinese basket began when it was used to transfer luxury food for the royal family.
It is usually placed in the dining table on the NewYear's Eve as a way of making sure that there is a constant inflow of money and financial profit throughout the year.

People who practiced this yearly ritual have witnessed the abundance of wealth in their homes.

An overloaded Fengshui Wealth Basket can come in various shapes and sizes, while some are completely golden in colour, some are available in a pretty colour scheme. While some are small in size, others are huge. Nevertheless, they all perform the same task of multiplying the wealth of a person.

*Full instruction print out will be provided.

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