5D Healing Crystals

2024 Prosperity Basket


2024 5D Lunar New Year Prosperity Basket: 


Laughing Buddha: Signifies health, wealth and happiness

Dragon Citrine Money tree: For growth, balance, harmony and stability

Golden Ingot: For success and good fortune

Green Money Frog: for Prosperity, adaptability, protection and transformation

9 Emperor Coins: To welcome the Period 9 with positivity, auspicious energy and prosperity. 9 Also symbolizes the unity of Heaven and Earth.

Lucky Money Bill: For the wallet

Money magnet crystals: These select heart shaped money crystals will also promote harmony and loving relationships between family members.

Wishing paper: One piece will be provided. Additional wishing papers are available for purchase, as it is suggested that each family member use one during the celebration.

Prosperity Smudge: A premium wealth attracting smudge combination of pinon pine and mountain sage.


A printed instruction manual will be provided.

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