5D Healing Crystals



8 I M M O R T A L S B R A S S

H: 5.5 inches


*Proper placement and ACTIVATION instructions will be provided.

Illness and Health Issues

The inauspicious Illness Black Star is often feared greatly by young and old and especially those who are already ill. This star is thought to cause illness in those affected by it, even if they were previously healthy, and it is believed to worsen an existing sickness.

People whose living room is facing East or located in an East direction should place metallic feng shui cures on prominent display in that afflicted sector. If a bedroom is located in this direction and it is possible, feng shui belief suggests moving to another bedroom. Spending too much time in this area of the house is not recommended, especially for the elderly, ill, or pregnant women.

Those affected by the #2 Illness Star are advised to use the 8 IMMORTALS WU LOU cure to subdue the sickness affliction and enhance good health luck.

The first son in a family or those born in a lunar Year of the RABBIT, TIGER or DRAGON will be greatly affected by the ILLNESS Star and will greatly benefit with this feng shui cure.

This wulou is adorned with the feng shui symbols of the Eight Immortals and the eight Trigrams symbol. The Eight Immortals are central to Taoist philosophy and are especially powerful when appear in this Period of 8 (2004 to 2024). The Eight Immortals, according to ancient tales, were summoned from heaven to help humans in reaching their objectives and aspirations.

The Wu Lou is an image of a gourd, calabash or Hu Lu. It has many auspicious meanings and uses in feng shui particularly in the capturing and dispelling of negative energy as well as for promoting longevity and in aiding the ill or infirm.

The shape of the Wu Lou is said to be that of heaven and earth coming together. The top half of the calabash represents heaven, the bottom represents earth and when man makes use of this symbol, all three are harmoniously united.

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