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2024 DRAGON Zodiac Bracelet: Php1200

For those born in the Year of the Dragon, financial prospects in 2024 might be unpredictable. Large investments may not yield the expected returns, and there's a potential for notable losses. It's wise to handle finances cautiously, steer clear of high-risk ventures, and be vigilant against scams. Prioritise a thorough budget and curb impulsive spending.

This year, those born in the Year of the Dragon may encounter challenges in their professional journey. If thinking about launching a business, it's essential to be prudent and avoid overreaching. For those considering job switches, careful consideration is advised. Sticking to current positions could be the most stable choice, and seeking guidance from trusted mentors is always beneficial.

In 2024, relationships will have their highs and lows. Married couples should work on clear communication to prevent misunderstandings. Singles, on the other hand, may come across short-lived connections. Approach emotional matters with caution, consider seeking relationship advice, and make well-considered decisions.

Health requires particular attention this year. They should be vigilant to prevent accidents, especially involving sharp objects. Maintain a balanced diet, regular exercise, and sufficient rest. Embrace a positive mindset when facing challenges, and consider travel as a means of relaxation and stress relief.

Dragon zodiac is taking on the Grand-duke role in 2024. Embracing this powerful position, you may find yourself adopting a more aggressive approach in championing your novel concepts and groundbreaking inventions. The presence of the Elegant Seal star will greatly enhance your creative juice.

There are some negative stars trailing behind such as the “Self-punishment Star” which may lead to self-sabotage because of stubbornness and a lack of determination to persevere until achieving results.

While the Hidden Corpse would affect your health, immunity issue, past hidden issue somehow suddenly expose which is normal for those thos suddenly taking in such an important role of being the Grand-duke.

Next is the Yellow Flag star which would stressed you up with tonnes of emotional issues, which could lead to inability to focus on carrying out your duty.

If you manage the above mentioned risk effectively, you will be able to attain the greatest reward through the Golden Carriage star, also known as the wealth star. This star will bring forth increased wealth and opportunities for growth in the current year.

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