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2024 RABBIT Zodiac Bracelet: Php1200

This year, financial challenges might arise. With an inclination towards splurging and potential unexpected expenses, it is important to prioritise financial prudence, especially when considering any investment. The unpredictability of the Dragon year suggests caution before diving into new financial ventures.

While the Year of the Dragon presents opportunities for growth and advancement, there may also be obstacles hindering their progress. They should be vigilant about potential mistakes and seek advice when faced with challenges. Focusing on continuous learning and professional development will be advantageous.

Relationships might be rocky in 2024. Suspicion and mistrust could lead to misunderstandings with their partners. However, maintaining clear communication, understanding, and patience can mend these rifts. For singles, taking steps gradually in a new relationship is advised.

Health requires particular attention in 2024. The year suggests potential health challenges, making it essential for them to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Incorporating physical exercises, meditation, and a proper diet can boost immunity and emotional well-being. Managing stress is crucial, as is ensuring adequate rest.

In 2024, the Rabbit zodiac will pass the Grand-duke position to the Dragon, and this is the time where you can really take a break with the Rest God star. This star brings the opportunity to take a proper rest, especially after taking the role of Grand-duke which bring huge amount of energy losses.

Rabbit zodiac will experience the Harm interaction during the Dragon year. This may lead to problems like betrayal, being taken advantage of, and mental stress if not managed properly. It is important to stay strong, defend yourself, and make the right choices. You must practise more logical analysis and keep your emotion behind when it comes to major decision making.

There is a Sickness star trailing behind you where this brings the sign of illnesses, low immunity, so you need to focus back on healing and recuperation more for this year.

Lastly the Goat Blade star makes you more competitive, impatient, and impulsive. It motivates you to fight and push through challenges, but you should calm down and rest your mind first. This will help you be aware of your emotions and make wiser decisions.

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