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2024 TIGER


This year, the born Tiger might face financial setbacks. They may be burdened with unexpected bills, and possible home repairs. Tigers are advised to secure a stable monthly income, avoid extravagant expenses, and consider secondary sources of income. It's also essential to be cautious and avoid high-risk financial investments.

Workplace changes are on the horizon in 2024. They might witness significant shifts within their teams or organisations, potentially leading to job insecurity. To navigate these challenges, they should demonstrate dedication and maintain harmonious relationships at work. Despite the challenges, those in creative fields might find excellent opportunities to showcase their talents.

Emotional volatility may affect their relationships this year. Singles could struggle with self-esteem, making new relationships challenging. Those in committed relationships should be wary of misunderstandings, emphasising effective communication and patience. Those married can foster closeness by investing in quality time and vacations together.

Health is a significant concern for our Tiger friends in 2024. Incorporating daily exercises like Yoga and meditation is recommended for overall mental well-being. They should also avoid harmful habits like smoking and be proactive in seeking medical advice if any health issues arise.

Tiger zodiac in 2024 will shows its regaining own power and energy as the Thriving star is shining on you, this star promotes raise in term of ranking, position, role, accreditation, achievement and milestone.

For those who are working for others then this star is highly regarded as the power star to help you in gaining the recognition you deserve. Take the opportunity to polish and set your goal towards the next level in your career ladder or business establishment.

While the second star of Sky Horse which are well known to increase more travel and mobility opportunity this year. Perhaps you may gain recognition and acknowledgement over your achievements or perhaps this brings more opportunity to travel and explore more life experience.

Becareful though as there are few negative stars trailing behind you such as the Sky Dog which brings injury, accidents and the Sky Cry would affect you emotionally.

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