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Authentic 2021 Tai Sui card


This Feng Shui Tai Sui card attracts good support from the Tai Sui God of the Year. With his Taoist invocation, carry the Tai Sui Card 2021 to prevent difficulties and obstacles for those horoscope signs in conflict with him, when someone blocks you by putting obstacles in your way.

Though all animal signs can carry the Tai Sui amulet to benefit from the good graces of the Tai Sui, there will be four animal signs that clash with him every year. In this Year of the Ox 2021, Tai sui moves to the Northeast 1 sector and the Ox, Dragon, Sheep and Dog are most at risk from direct or side conflicts with the mighty Tai Sui. It is therefore very important that you carry this Feng Shui amulet to protect yourself from bad luck that can crop up at anytime, jeopardising your career, business, relationships and health.

There is a different Tai Sui ruling each year’s chi energy. In the year 2021, the General Yang Xin is the Tai Sui.

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