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2023 Boar Zodiac Bracelet


2023 BOAR Bracelet
Complete protection and activators

Pigs are the symbol of wealth in many cultures, and there are people who believe that those born in the year of the Pig are blessed with more wealth luck than others. If you belong to the Pig zodiac, you do have the ability to strike it rich with your honest and hardworking attitude. You can be very focused and will exercise self-discipline when you have a goal in mind. 

While you lack the gift of the gab, your mellow personality and compassion for others is valued by those around you. Friendly and cheerful, your trusting nature may put you at a disadvantage. You hold firm to your ideals, sometimes to the extent of irrationality.
Strengths: Compassionate, self-disciplined, perceptive, diligent
Weaknesses: Materialistic, gullible, emotional, stubborn
Most compatible signs: Tiger, Rabbit, Goat
Least compatible sign: Snake

2023 Outlook 

This year, frequent mood swings may make you feel depressed over small matters. You tend to lose motivation and undermine your efforts when things do not go as expected. Be more open-minded when dealing with success and failure. You can overcome all hurdles to gain success with constant learning and improvement. Do not let negativity accumulate and affect your career and relationships. With the Injury Star (白虎), you may get injured and require surgery. Pay attention to your surroundings when outdoors.

For the BOAR, this is a year for taking things easy. Diplomacy counts for a lot in 2023 and that is where your strength lies. Avoid conflict and step in to be mediator when you are able; there are opportunities to be had here! While you have the Five Yellow and some 24 Mountains afflictions, these can be remedied with appropriate cures. Maintain your positive attitude and don’t let small things fluster you. Keep your eye on the bigger picture to unlock the hidden potential of the year. You enjoy a Star of Big Auspicious, indicating some big breaks in store! Activate Big Auspicious with the BOAR Bracelet.

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