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2023 Dragon Zodiac Bracelet


DRAGON 2023 Bracelet

Symbolism imperial power, strength and good luck, Dragon is a much-revered creature in Chinese culture. It is believed that those born in the year of the Dragon shall demonstrate natural leadership and charisma. If you belong to the Dragon zodiac, you are likely born to be a leader. Blessed with innate courage, intelligence and tenacity, you are fearless in many aspects. 

Ambitious and full of vitality, you are a risk taker who strives for perfection. However, you can be too hard on others, often preferring to plan and act alone. On the extreme spectrum, you may become arrogant and disdainful as you refuse to accept any flaws of yourself and others. Your frankness is a double-edged sword.
Strengths: Intelligent, charismatic, passionate, authoritative
Weaknesses: Self-centred, impatient, domineering, cannot stand setbacks
Most compatible signs: Rat, Monkey, Rooster
Least compatible sign: Dog

2023 Outlook 

Your luck is stable with the Success (太阳) and Achievement (扳鞍) stars. Stay patient and cautious in order to solve problems. There are both opportunities and challenges in your career. Focus on your goals and you shall make breakthroughs with a significant income increment. Also, you can look forward to enhancing bonds with loved ones and co-workers as you gather together more often. Lend a helping hand to others when they are in need. Nonetheless, be careful of schemers in order to avoid suffering losses.

The DRAGON has the argument star this year, but you are such a charmer you can usually talk your way out of anything.This is a year when making friends works better than making enemies, so when you encounter any kind of conflict, look for the diplomatic way out!

What you have going for you are Small and Big Auspicious stars which bring windfalls your way. A year when big breaks and bonanzas can manifest, so do be on the lookout for opportunities. Beware of getting entangled in legalities, as the #3 star indicates danger here; you will find it difficult to win in a court of law.

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