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2023 Flying Stars Cures and Activators Complete Home Set


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A flying stars chart will be provided showing how the nine numbers of Flying Stars are distributed in the various areas of the home for the year of the Rabbit 2023. This is the most straightforward approach to understanding the Feng Shui pattern of the year since it depicts how energy gathers within any building. To comprehend the luck of sectors, corners, and rooms in the house or office, the nine numbers should be superimposed onto the floor plans of homes and workplaces. Because the chart has an impact on every level of the house, you should apply the chart on every floor level of your home or business.

Each of the nine numbers contains unique energy that may be either fortunate or bad. The numbers have an innate significance that reflects luck patterns that congregate in each of the home's compass sectors. Traditional Feng shui recommends specific methods for subduing the evil numbers and increasing the good ones.

Every year, this is essentially how the Feng Shui of homes is updated and enhanced. It is a strategy that has proven to be very successful, so each year, to ensure that your home's Feng Shui remains excellent necessitate the easy application of the year's Flying Star chart.

Use a dependable compass to precisely determine the eight compass directions in your house or business so you can see clearly where the stars are positioned. After you have pinpointed the places, you may apply the appropriate Feng shui cures and enhancements. Prioritize the remedies for inauspicious stars to guarantee that the luck boosters can deliver positive energies to their maximum capacity.

A printed manual will be provided.

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