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2023 Rabbit Zodiac Bracelet


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2023 RABBIT Bracelet
Due to their prolific reproductive performance, Rabbits are associated with fertility and abundance in traditional Chinese culture. Some people believe that the Rabbit is the luckiest of all the Chinese zodiac animals. If you are born in the year of the Rabbit, you have a gentle disposition that belies great inner strength. Calm and modest, you thrive in social settings with your ability to get along well with others. 

You prefer to avoid disputes and arguments, and such thoughtfulness sometimes gives people the wrong impression that you are a pushover. You have an eye for beauty and details, and enjoy the finer things in life. Staying focused and organised are not your strong suits. You dislike changes and can be conservative. When in love, you tend to become very insecure and require much reassurance from your partner.
Strengths: Calm, modest, elegant, thoughtful
Weaknesses: Insecure, timid, unorganised, unrealistic
Most compatible signs: Goat, Dog, Pig
Least compatible sign: Rooster

2023 Outlook 

You are in clash with the Grand Duke (太岁). Thankfully, there are lucky stars that shield you from difficulties and promise a fulfilling year. You can lead your team to reach new heights. Be ready to grab opportunities and do not be afraid of changes. While your work performance is outstanding, your increased responsibilities may cause you to neglect your family and health. You are prone to mood swings this year. Try to control your emotions and you shall achieve astounding results. 

The RABBIT is the ruling sign of the year, indicating you have the powerful backing of the Tai Sui. This is sure to help you in a year that may not always be smooth sailing. Take good care of your health and remedy the Illness Star in your sector with the RABBIT bracelet. Your secret ingredient will be your excellent skills at diplomacy. Tap the friends you’ve made over the years and strengthen your network of allies. Don’t be averse to asking for help when you need it. You will find assistance most forthcoming – you just need to proactively seek it out!

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