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5 E L E M E N T S P A G O D A

Misfortune Star, also known as Wu Wang, is one of the most malicious Flying Stars in terms of feng shui luck, because it can bring about tragedies, catastrophes or overall bad luck. Anyone afflicted by Wu Wang is vulnerable to a variety of unfortunate calamities and misfortune. This can range from a loss of money or salary to illness that can be very serious. It may also cause a major disruption in business plans or even major accidents with serious injuries.

The patriarch of a family as well as those born in a lunar Year of the DOG or BOAR are the people most likely to be vulnerable to the effects of the Yellow Misfortune star.

The most effective way to overcome this Star is to leave it alone to the best of your ability - do not disturb it!

Highly recommended feng shui remedy against this misfortune star is this 5 ELEMENTS PAGODA with black tourmaline chips. It is very important to place this cure in the proper sector.

The Five Element Pagoda is the essential Feng Shui cure to both take in and diffuse negative energy in the area around it. It is also the perfect protection against various malicious stars which creates accidents and monetary loss, or the #2 black “Sickness” star, which is the cause of illness and disease. When the Five Element Pagoda is placed in the affected sector, it diffuses the effects of these stars, in addition to summoning the luck-filled 1, 6 and 8 Flying Stars.

It is advisable for the placement of this cure to be done as soon as possible, before February 4th.

*Proper placement and ACTIVATION instructions will be provided.

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