Healing Crystals Philippines

7 Chakra set with Sanskrit symbols


Root: red jasper
Sacral: red agate
Solar plexus: yellow aventurine
Heart: green aventurine
Throat: lapis lazuli
Third eye: labradorite
Crown: amethyst

We have 7 major energy centers or chakras. These chakras get 'gunked up' with our emotions, our mental perspective, for starters.  Or, we get off track on our spiritual path we wanted to take.
When a chakra has debris in it (positive ions), is blocked or has been injured (spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically), then cleaning it or them out, can help us process through the experience soon.

1.  Choose a time and place where there are no interruptions.  Shut the door. Tell your family you are not to be disturbed.  Take the phone off the hook or shut off the ringer. You can sage yourself and the crystals before the chakra cleansing meditation.

2.  Wear loose, comfortable clothes.  Keep your shoes off.  Lay down on the floor or lay down on your bed.  Or lay prone on your favorite chair that unfolds for you.

3.  Place the RED JASPER just above where your legs are attached to your body, near your crotch.
4.  Place the ORANGE AVENTURINE on your abdomen (about 2-3 inches below your belly button). 5.  Place the YELLOW AVENTURINE over your stomach region (about 2-3 inches above your belly button). 6.  Place the GREEN AVENTURINE in the center of your chest where your heart rests.

7.  Place the LAPIS LAZULI in the middle of your throat.

8.  Place the IOLITE stone in the center of your forehead, just above the root of your nose.

9.  Place the AMETHYST in the center or top of your head.
10.  Close your eyes.  Take three deep breaths in your nose and out your mouth.
11.  Lay quietly for 20 minutes like this.  If thoughts come into your head, let them come and go without any attachment.

12. Put your stone friends into a salt bath for 1 hour.  This means placing them gently in a bowl of tepid water that has 1 teaspoon of himalayan salt in it.  This cleanses them off.  After an hour, pour off the salt water, wash them with fresh, tepid water, dry them off and put them back into your pouch.

Selenite stick not included

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