Healing Crystals Philippines

Abalone Shell


Small 500. 5x3x1.5
medium 600. 5x4x1.5
Large 800 6x5x2 inches
Stand 600

Along with its dreamy and ethereal aesthetics, the Abalone shell meaning comes from its connection to the ocean and its healing, calming energy. When you come into contact with a small tumbled piece of abalone shell, you’ll find that it’s impossible to be upset about anything. Whenever you need security or protection, hold tight to this stone and imagine a wave of peace, beauty, love, and compassion to wash over you like a healing wave of the ocean.

The Abalone shell healing properties help you to open and expand your consciousness, which can be very beneficial if you’re having relationship issues. A spiritual and mental shift is just what you need to look at a situation from a loving and compassionate perspective. Known as the “Ears of the sea,” Abalone shell properties connect you to the energy of the ocean, reminding us to be loving and gentle with our loved ones.

There are many Abalone shell benefits when meditating, which begin with helping you embody a more relaxed vibe. When you fully embrace the Abalone shell meaning in meditation, you will be able to take on its calm and balanced frequencies. During your therapeutic session, take deep, cleansing breaths and notice any negativity being released from your spirit. The Abalone shell energy also helps you embrace your true self while clearing away self-doubt, fear, or other toxic emotions. Another way to boost the healing power of Abalone shell properties is by combining it with other energy amplifiers like quartz crystal.

The real game-changer in accessing the full healing power of crystals, including the Abalone shell, is pairing your tumbled stone with an intention. The Abalone shell magnifies the energy around it, so when you have a specific intention, your words and thoughts are further amplified. First, meditate on what truly matters to you. The act of searching for a purpose is the beginning step in spiritual transformation. Also, consider the areas in your life that could use an upgrade; that way, your personal growth can reach its full potential. Lastly, be specific in setting goals and what you want to achieve and why.

This would also be the perfect moment to think about what action you should take to achieve your goals. A good place to start is with a setting an intention to go deeper into your meditation practice. In this case, your mantra could be, “I am living in the present moment.” When you connect the Abalone shell meaning with your personal goal of being in the moment, it helps free your mind from the past and future.

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