5D Healing Crystals



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#Afghanite has a good action within the higher chakras that is beneficial to assist communication and boost psychic ability. This stone has a high vibration which is known to stimulate the brain. Its energy helps you to think more clearly and #aids #problem #solving.

If you are working on solving issues that you believe may relate to events that may have occurred in the past in another lifetime, use its energy to help you to find out what you need to know.

It may assist you to investigate past lives, through being able to read and understand information stored in the akashic records.

This can be advantageous to assist the members of a meditation group, as it can aid participants to more easily share information being received from Spirit.

Its gentle energy brings members of the group into accord with the desires and intentions of each other, and may assist you to intuitively grasp what others wish you to know.

In summary, remember that its vibration is easy on you, as it works at the pace that is needed by the individual. It helps you to manage your life better, but it assists you to go with the flow, and allow the universe to solve your issues.

Healing Attributes

These lovely blue crystals are useful healing stones that may heal health issues associated with the throat.
Its action is also beneficial to assist those with headaches and migraines as it is of benefit to decrease pain and may even completely eliminate some types of pain.

Its general action as a healing stone is known to be very effective in a number of way, including helping %insomnia by enhancing sleep.

It is said to support the health of the bones and the teeth, and is known to have an overall cleansing and balancing action in the body.

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