5D Healing Crystals

Air Plant Holder Citrine


The vibrational frequencies of crystals can be used to help plants throughout every stage of their growth. Each has its unique energy and so have differing benefits. Some are very grounding and stabilising or have gentle and low vibrational energies, while others are stimulating and possess powerful high vibrational energies. Crystals can also be used to boost the existing qualities of a plant to bring additional happiness, prosperity and abundance into your life. Money plants or plants that are considered to be lucky, such as bamboo can have these traits boosted by using crystals that have the same energies. One great example of this would be to place a citrine crystal with a money plant when looking to attract money and money based opportunities towards you and your home. For an even greater boost, the plant could be placed in the wealth corner of your home or room

Many people are familiar with the benefits of healing crystals and enjoy working with the stones in healing or meditation sessions. Often people carry stones with them or place them around their homes. People often overlook the benefits of crystals for nature, such as the healing and enhancement of houseplants, gardens and the natural world as a whole. Many stones possess energies that are ideal for this purpose or are believed to have strong links to the earth element and natural world. This beneficial relationship is mutual as the natural world provides us with many ways to cleanse and recharge our crystals including moonlight, water and the earth itself.

Using crystals and other precious stones for their healing energies is not just a New Age fad. Native American shamans and other healers from all around the world have relied on the powers of gemstones for thousands of years. Different stones were believed to possess different healing properties for different ailments. These energies were used to aid in the healing of humans, animals or plants. Using stones in healing is still popular amongst holistic healers today. Different stones also represent the four elements (earth, air, fire and water), adding balance and harmony to the garden. Representing the elements is important when designing a Zen or meditation garden.

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