5D Healing Crystals

Amazez bracelet


Amazez has a meaning and properties to heal the wounds of the heart. It is popular as a gemstone that contains powerful healing energy. You will get support to restore the weakened state and move forward again. Amazez is also useful if you want to eliminate past trauma. It is a gemstone to regain freedom of the heart.

Amazez has the meaning and properties of clarifying purpose consciousness. It is a gemstone that makes you clearly imagined the appearance of the future. It is also used when you want to clear the fog of your heart. It'll wake up your soul and realize real happiness.

Amazez is a gemstone that enhances the owner's intuition. It is used for the purpose of finding the correct answer in the first impression. You will find it useful if you have difficulty in choosing. This gemstone is ideal for business dealings and so on. It also has the power to know the good or bad of people.

Amazez has the meaning and properties of making constitution positive. The energy of the light that lives inside will extinguish the negative energy. A positive constitution creates a cycle of happiness. It is the best gemstone when you want to change yourself a lot.

Amazez is a gemstone which is a mixture of white Crystal and purple Crystal. There is a type of many white and a type of many purple. Please choose the optimum color according to your preference. It is sold by processing to bracelet etc.

Amazez is a gemstone with low distribution volume. It is sold by "Heaven and Earth, LLC". It is difficult to distinguish from a light purple "Lavender Amethyst". Please obtain a genuine good whose warranty card is presented. Amazez and Lavender Amethyst are completely different from scarcity and price. Be careful with cheap imitation.

Amazez has a meaning and properties to awaken subconscious. It is a gemstone to bring out the possibilities hidden in the owner to the utmost. It also leads to knowledge of hidden talent. You will make great use of your strengths and create great success.

Amazez has a meaning and properties to strengthen individuality. It is a gemstone to get out of "same as everyone". If a large number of people are moving in the same direction, there is no success there. It will help you find out what you can only do. Amazez is a gemstone that encourages owners to become independent. It gives you courage to take one step with your own power. It is also popular for those aiming for entrepreneurship and independence. It will be useful at the business scene where you need to market yourself.

Bead Size: 8mm

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