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Amber Cross Pendant


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Glowing with a golden quality, Amber is a dab hand at helping cleanse and clear the sacral chakra. This delightful gem is all about balance and stability and building the wisdom within your spiritual house. Amber encourages creative self-expression and the purification of one’s own thoughts. The sacral chakra is the center of our passion and intimacy, it’s where we find our sense of joy and even our spiritual connection with others. When blocked, we may feel empty inside - we might have a low or unbalanced libido. We can fall into overwhelming easily and turn quickly to fear and insecurity. When fine-tuned and flowing, our sacral chakra is a sublime source of movement, energy, creativity, and sensuality. 

This crystal can cut through pain, boost immunity, and provide a perfect pick me up for fatigue and low vibes too. Amber is rich and warm which makes it a great go-to stone for those who are suffering from colds, flu, headaches, and respiratory ailments too. This golden gem is also an effective pain reliever, meaning that any chronic issues, or even simple toothache or complex arthritis can be calmed by the soft healing light of Amber. For those who are feeling sluggish, lethargic, or lost in a depressive slump, Amber can also pick you right up. It stimulates metabolism, raises energy levels, and even revitalizes tissues too. As Amber is potent in its energy of renewal it can revitalize your internal systems and even clean your blood and detox you too.

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