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Amber Pillow


There are three aspects that should be emphasised when talking about the effects of amber:

1.     Oxygen Transference. PhD Sandra Goodman has identified that electrons in a molecule carry over the oxygen and a shortage of them upsets the equilibrium of alkaline and acid in our bodies. Meanwhile, there has been a bunch of scientific researches done, that proves amber to be not only a spacious storage matrix for electrons, but also a permanent generator of this magnificent energy. Therefore, these additional electrons from amber help our bodies to accrue vital energy faster, maintain and save it easier if constantly in contact with amber.
2.     Charm Enhancement. We all know someone whom we could call a ‘Natural Magnet’, that is, a person whose charisma and charm attracts everyone’s attention. But you are wrong if you think that this can be only inherited from your parents. Yoga specialist Paramhansa Yogananda has said that in order to grow personal magnetism, one has to take care of one’s body and clean it: ‘Only your inner cleanliness allows your energy to show off through your eyes, face and body’. Seen in this light, amber‘s electrons are the exact elements that help not only to maintain this inner cleanliness of our bodies, but even strongly increase it.
3.     A Source of  Acidity. One of the natural components of our bodies, without which we would not be who we are, is so-called amber acid, officially known as succinic acid (succinic from latin means “amber”). It strongly conditions the regeneration of our cells. Meanwhile, there are quite a few kinds of amber, but only Baltic amber (of which the Olialia Amber pillow contains elements) contains amber acid. ‘Baltic amber, which contains a considerable amount of amber acid (3–8%), is valued as a strong anti-oxidant, which neutralises the harmful effect of free radicals. Today’s medical science affirms that amber acid has a regulatory effect on heart rhythm, stimulates immunity, compensates lost energy in body’s and brain’s material, improves consciousness, concentration and reflexes, calms down stressful state.’ – Jonas Skonsmanas, Lector, PhD.

19x12 inches 

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