5D Healing Crystals

Andesine Bracelet



Found in the Congo, near the Nyiragongo Volcano and in Columbia.

Andesine is a gemstone that has a meaning and properties of relieving your stress. It would release negative power by making your energy metabolism better. We can say that this gemstone has great healing power. It also has the power to bring the owner back in the right mind. 

Andesine is a red feldspar gemstone. Thought to be helpful for eye and brain diseases. Also eases stress and balances your metabolism. 

Provides clarity to your thoughts helping you think in a more positive way. It can also help you get out of fear and into trusting yourself and the world around you. It provides a feminine and goddess energy which is very nurturing and also very protective.


One of the first places Andesine was found was in 1841 in the Marmato mine in Colombia. Named after the the Andes mountains of South America because of the high level of andesite lava in the mountains. It then appeared to become more popular in 2003. Found in the Congo, near the Nyiragongo Volcano and in Columbia


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