5D Healing Crystals

Black Jade Pendant


Black Jade is a wonderful dream stone that will help you access the spiritual world. It will also help you gain insight from your experiences, both good and bad.

It will promote creativity, and it will help you resolve your issues with the help of your dreams.

This stone will also support you in having a better appreciation of your dreams and desires, especially when combined with Malachite.

It will encourage ambition and manifestation, and it will infuse you with the confidence and self-reliance to make it happen.

Black Jade will strengthen your connection with the natural world. It will bring you strength and power, and it will remove your fears and anxieties.

It will also give you a safe space when you need to retreat from the world and lie low for a while.

Black Jade and Wealth

Black Jade will release your negative thoughts and soothe your irritability. It will also stabilize your personality by creating a harmonious integration of your mind and body.

It will help you stimulate new ideas and uncomplicate tasks that you think are too complex or challenging to act upon.

Black Jade will also promote financial prudence.

It will teach you how you can be wise with your spending and practical in your purchases.

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