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Black Sun Orgonites


What is Orgonite®? A popular, spiritual tool that helps aid in the protection against electromagnetic pollution. Orgone is life energy; it is used by living organisms to stay healthy and balanced. This Black Sun Orgonite® piece will help aid in the transmutation of Deadly Orgone Energy (DOR-) into Positive Orgone Energy (+POR). This helps to restore the harmonious energy of the environment. 

Black Sun Orgonite®? Black Sun Orgonite® is extremely dense with materials. This helps to move more energy more efficiently! Compared to the traditional, Black Sun Orgonite® uses much finer materials. Our Black Sun Orgonite® is made with powdered quartz & metals. There are thousands of layers of organic to inorganic materials inside each piece. These layers act as a magnet to attract Orgone Energy! Our Black Sun Blend is mixed with fiberglass resin which squeezes the individual pieces of crystal when cured. The crystals give off an electric charge. This phenomenon is called a piezoelectric effect. Each terminated crystal point helps to increase the total energy output of the Orgonite®! The fine particles of metal help to hold & attract energy, and the powered quartz simultaneously hold & repel energy. 


Helps mitigate EMF radiation**

Clears negative energy**

Aids in meditation**

Supports restful sleep**

Enhances dreaming**

Relieve stress**

Cleaner atmosphere**

Solar charge water**

Improve plant growth**

Increased energy**

Balanced moods**

Spiritual & psychological growth**

May help relieve pain**

Improve relationships**

Purifies the living area

Can detoxify water

Helps with plant growth

Give you more energy

Balances moods

Helps with spiritual and psychological growth

Helps with resistance to ill health or to improve it


Place at each corner of your bedroom

Put on windowsill

Set by every electronic device

Place near plug sockets

Create a hexagon shape for meditation 

Carry in your bag, pocket or car

Place under bed 

Put them in every room

Set in the garden

Place near food & water source

Hold in hand for energy work

Put them near crystals to charge

Take on the go


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