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Black tourmaline flower of life



When it comes to the protective properties of Black Tourmaline. Perhaps the most incredible is this stones ability to help keep your aura clear of imbalances, even when you're in direct proximity with detrimental energetic influences.

This is huge. As human beings, it's so natural and automatic to inadvertently take on energy from our surroundings. This can be a wonderful thing while meditating at the base of a pristine waterfall on Maui… But more often, you may find yourself feeling a bit worn out or drained as you navigate day to day life… This is often a result of picking up patterns and energies from around you.

One of the ways Tourmaline protects against this be seen in the way that Black Tourmaline shields you from the detrimental electromagnetic energies emitted from cell phones, computers, and the like. It shields you energeticallyby taking on the electromagnetic frequencies itself and safely stores it in its crystalline structure. Because of its deep black energy, it is able to hold a great deal of energy before it becomes less effective, at which point you can cleanse it energy and it goes back to work (more on that soon).

If you can imagine a lightning rod or a shield deflecting negative energyas you move throughout your day, that is a wonderful example for how this remarkable stone will work for you.

Black Tourmaline helps you to purify your energy and consciousness of whatever you're required to release in order to expand into the next levels of who you're able to become. 

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