5D Healing Crystals

Black Tourmalines 17-22


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Placement: Best placed in the main entrance to filter the energies coming in and out of the place.

Place it in your home for protection.

Black Tourmaline is a protective stone that is very good for keeping negative vibrations away from your aura and out of your space. 

It’s a stone that you should never be without because it can protect you against accidents, misfortune, sickness, and everything that brings negativity or unhappiness.

One of the most common ways to use black tourmaline is to simply keep it in your home to protect the boundaries of your space, so it's good to keep it near the entrances of your home, your office, or wherever you spend time.
Black tourmaline can also be placed on the bedside to protect you while you sleep. It will also protect you from psychic attacks and negative energies of all kinds. 
If you find yourself a sensitive soul when it comes to electromagnetic forces, then Black Tourmaline can be the stone you need. Laptops, phones, TV – these all give off a smog that can cause chaos in those who are prone to EMF sensitivity. Fortunately, Black Tourmaline can stop EMF in its tracks, forming a protective barrier and soaking up the smog.

The Mica in this piece offers a gentleness to this stone, rounding out the very grounded energies with some subtle lifting in frequency. Mica is calming, soothing, and perfect for getting a deep and relaxing night’s sleep. This combination of Black Tourmaline and Mica would be perfect to place near your bed while sleeping to ward off unwanted energies, bad dreams, and insomnia.

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