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Blue Opal Bracelet


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Blue Opal Bracelet



Blue opal is a fairly rare stone that is only found in the Andes mountains near San Patricio, Peru. This is why it’s the national stone of Peru. 

Physical Energy Properties: Helps with hair growth and prevents hair loss. Beneficial for those experiencing fatigue and insomnia. Great for boosting metabolism and iron deficiency.

Emotional Energy Properties: A very emotionally soothing stone which helps to ease the mind so you can deeply relax. Assists in problem-solving, communication, confrontation, and speaking your mind in a tactful way. Also good for stimulating creativity. Activates self-confidence and assists relieving trauma.


Legend says that this stone relieves tension from the throat to help communication flow effortlessly. If you have chronic fatigue this crystal’s energy could help you. Hold onto it, or wear it when you’re feeling really tired, and put it under your pillow so you can have a good night’s rest. It will also help you to remember your dreams when you wake up so you can look for the deeper meaning in them. Use this stone to help you examine your thoughts and get in touch with your emotions.

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