5D Healing Crystals

Blue Sapphire

₱7,850 ₱8,500

With GGL certificate
The strong and beautiful rays of Blue Sapphire are excellent for unlocking your throat and third eye chakras. When working in unison, they have the ability to enhance your inner vision, making your focus and communication sharper and more effective.

They are good stones for crystal healers to use to create a focus when you wish to assist the client with a specific problem. They are known to be helpful for anyone with emotionally based issues that are causing distress in relationships. It is also very effective when it comes to channelling your healing powers from a higher source, which makes it a popular crystal for Reiki healers.

Blue Sapphire represents integrity, and it will help you achieve a speedy and positive resolution to financial issues or money matters.

As a professional support crystal, it will make you more aware of higher principles. It will stimulate your mind and increase your wisdom to make tough but important decisions.

It will also increase your discernment and your good judgement. It will encourage you to become wise, responsible and honest leader. It’s a good crystal for entrepreneurs and businessmen because it will help you achieve your goals and succeed without compromising your principles and your integrity.

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