5D Healing Crystals

Bodhi DZi with Hematite Pendant

₱888 ₱1,110

Bodhi is the name of the tree, under which Shakyamuni Buddha achieved enlightenment. It embodies generosity and gentleness, warmth and mercy, love for neighbors and love for yourself. Love, as you know, helps to achieve unachievable things. This bead will protect you against disasters and misfortunes, will eliminate doubts and obstacles, will lead you by safe way during your life. Bodhi-dZi is often used by students as well as by those who plan to present the project to a head or investor. It is considered that this bead will give confidence to its owner and accumulate his internal powers.

Hematite has very strong grounding energy; you can feel that just by holding the stone in your hand. It also has a cooling and calming effect, as well as helps develop concentration and focus. Overall, hematite brings a quality of energy that is powerful, strong, and grounding.


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