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Charoite Healing Properties

Charoite has power to heal in the physical, emotional and spiritual realms. The most important word to remember is “transmutation.”

Transmutation of negative energy to positive energy, illness to health, and weakness to strength can come from using charoite. It grounds excess energy to produce an overall sense of calm and well being.

Physical Healing

Charoite has a way of increasing general feelings of health by lessening aches and pains. It also produces faster healing of all bodily systems.

This crystal helps with disorders related to nervousness or anxiety. It creates a more restful sleep and combats sleepwalking, nightmares and insomnia.

Many people find that charoite also helps ease headaches, including migraines. It may also help with disorders of the eyes.

If you’re looking for a crystal to help with general detoxing, try working with charoite. It can produce positive effects when you’re leaving addictions behind and emerging into a new state of health.

Emotional Healing

Charoite has powerful abilities to bring about emotional healing. It enables you to focus on the now, and leave the past behind.

Clarity and courage are the hallmarks of this crystal’s effects. If you’ve suffered a deep loss, either personally or professionally, charoite can help you get back on your feet and move forward.

Charoite also strengthens your self-esteem and gives you the confidence to overcome fear. Deep fears of things that occurred in the past and fear of the future can both be overcome.

Some people find that using charoite brings them luck and greater success. They get a clearer fix on their goals and how to achieve them.

Spiritual Healing

If you’re seeking help from your spirit guides, charoite can help you open your mind to their guidance. It also grounds your energy to keep you from becoming overwhelmed.

Perhaps one of the strongest effects of this crystal is its ability to encourage service to others. It encourages feelings of oneness and creates a spirit of generosity within you.

You may also find that charoite boosts your creativity. It draws positive energy and clears your mind, allowing creative thoughts to come to the fore.

Charoite Uses

Because of the way it occurs in nature, charoite can be used for many practical objects. It’s considered a fibrous stone and is typically found in large pieces.

You can find charoite made into bookends, vases and a variety of other decorative objects. When used this way, it’s sometimes called charoite jade.

Charoite crystals are also made into stunning jewelry. Cabochons are popular because of the way they show off the natural beauty of the stone.

As magical talismans, charoite crystals bring safety to travelers and peaceful sleep to all. They can be worn to ease loneliness and increase confidence.

Practitioners of Feng Shui use charoite to represent the energy of fire. Place it in the southern areas of your home to bring brightness and passion.

Charoite and Meditation

Using charoite in meditation brings a general increase in your level of vibration. It increases your power no matter what you’re focusing on during the session.

Charoite is known for opening your spirit to past life memories. Through its ability to increase you willingness to serve humanity, it can help you identify and redress past life wrongs.

Even if all you’re looking for during a particular meditative session is to calm your frazzled nerves, try charoite. It grounds your energy, cleanses your consciousness and brings relaxation.

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