5D Healing Crystals

Chiastolite, Spinel and Smoky Quartz pendant



Ancient people revered the cross within it as a sign from God. This unusual crystal has long been regarded as a stone that is highly protective.

These ancient beliefs have been shown to be true, as it is a highly effective psychic protection stone.

This is an excellent stone for you to use alongside the higher vibration stones, as it is a powerful stone to aid you to journey to higher spiritual realms and to learn about the contents of the akashic records, while remaining grounded.
It has a strong action to enable you to understand your mortality. It helps you to be aware that you are on a journey that comprises this life and past lives you have experienced, life after life, death and re-birth.

Chiastolite is a strong spiritual stone with good healing energy which is very helpful for the body to strengthen the entire body it also energized your body where you might choose to use it. Chiastolite stone is also used for repair the damage in the auric field. It also used as a psychic protection that allows feeling you more secure in fearful places or danger. This stone is comforting and spiritual stone when you are suffering from grave illness and helpful to ease the dying. It also helps to boost your creativity because of its bolsters analytical properties. Chiastolite is good to use if you feel fear danger or stress and methods to relieve your stress.

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