5D Healing Crystals

Chlorine Phantom Quartz




PH01 Php950 (2.2x1.8in)

PH02 Php1000 (2.0×1.6in)

PH03 Php960 (2.2×1.8in)

PH04 Php1300 (2.2×2.0in)

PH05 Php800 (2.2×1.5in)

PH06 Php780 (2.4x1.4in)

PH07 Php900 (2.9×1.2in)

PH08 Php1600 (2.2x1.8in)

PH09 Php850 (2.2x1.4in)


Chlorine phantom quartz is characterised by a layer of chlorite/clinochlore is deposited on the crystals termination, followed by further growth of the quartz crystal. If the quartz is transparent, the result will be a greenish internal phantom which reveals the location and shape of the quartz crystal's termination before the chlorite deposit and later growth.

Chlorine phantom quartz is excellent for psychic surgery. Due to their crystalline form, they can easily channel chlorine energy directly into specific locations in the body. This is helpful when you are working on healing a specific area, particularly when healing tumours, polyps and other growths. This stone helps to protect the body from harmful radiation and can be useful in stabilising the energy field and physical body during radiation therapy.

Chlorine phantom quartz lends you and energy of general hopefulness and optimism to your emotional body. This stone can help you in journeying to the source of physical illnesses during meditation and subsequently finding the corresponding patterns in your energy field. It allows you to move into resonance with the Earth's electromagnetic field, allowing your heart and brain to move into a coherent rhythm with the planet. Chlorine phantom quartz assists you in receiving healing instruction or information from your spirit guides.

Chlorine phantom quartz channels high frequency soul energy into the physical and energetic systems. It can assist in connecting with your healing guides. This stone helps those who are uncomfortable receiving healing or energy from others to be more accepting.

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