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Citrine Multifaceted, Freeform


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Multifaceted, Freeform
10mm to 14mm bead size

Citrine harness the power of the Sun, bring energy and spark to your life. This is a stone to bring physical energy when you are feeling depleted. It also brings creative energy and inspiration when you are trying to manifest your ideas.

As the stone of Sun power, it is also extremely protective and cleansing. This is one stone that never needs cleansing! Not only does Citrine protect from negativity, it absorbs, transmutes and grounds out negative energy. It leaves an after-glow of positive energy in your environment.

Citrine is an excellent gemstone to keep with you at work, especially if you are working in a high-stress or energetically toxic environment. It relieves stress, depression, and uplifts emotions.

Citrine is primarily known for its ability to attract abundance and prosperity in one’s life. This is a great crystal for business matters and for starting new businesses and projects. Citrine helps to manifest wealth and alleviate debt. This gemstone also reminds us to be generous and to help others with the gains we have manifested.

This is a gemstone associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is the center of our Personal Power. Citrine brings confidence and optimism. It helps us deal with criticism, because we already know our own worth.

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