5D Healing Crystals

Citrine set 14k gold


Manifest Abundance and Prosperity

#Citrine is a joyous, warm and energising stone that raises self-esteem and stimulates mental focus. Also known as the stone of #wealth. Citrine attracts and maintains abundance.

Citrine crystals will also help you overcome your fear of responsibility. The older you get, the more responsibilities there will be. You cannot run away from them forever, and you cannot pass them on to someone else.

When you fall in love with someone and enter a relationship with them, their happiness is your responsibility. The sooner you become a responsible partner, the sooner you will enjoy the satisfaction of a strong and lasting relationship.

Citrine will encourage you to be open to new experiences and maintain a positive attitude. It will inspire you to remain optimistic in any kind of situation, no matter how tough or scary it may be.

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