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Colombianite, also known as Piedra Rayo, is an ancient form of Obsidian glass that closely resembles Tektite. It is estimated to be around 30 million years old, making it a unique type of Obsidian. With its small oval and spherical shapes adorned with irregular grooves, Colombianite shares a striking resemblance to the "hedgehog" appearance of Moldavite. Although it appears solid and impenetrable, shining light through Colombianite reveals a smoky or yellow transparent color that overwhelms its black exterior. Due to its rarity, pieces of Colombianite are typically sold by weight, ranging from a quarter-inch to a few inches in size. Local villagers and tribespeople in Colombia engage in hand mining of these precious stones, and the known deposits are found in the Cauca region.

The Muisca tribe, an ancient civilization predating the Spanish Conquest, was renowned for their mastery of minerals. They were skilled artisans who engaged in salt and precious mineral trade with neighboring indigenous groups. The Muisca people were respected as warriors, leaders of energy, and spiritual guides. Their remarkable craftsmanship included the creation of exquisite carvings, such as the renowned El Dorado Raft made entirely of Pre-Colombian gold.

Colombianite holds immense significance and energy for humanity as it reignites our spiritual essence. These ancient Obsidian pieces possess the power to unlock hidden energies within us, leading to transformative capabilities. When meditating with Colombianite, its self-reflective potency, amplified by its ancient energies, offers a profound connection to our auric field. This connection stimulates the activation of the crown, third eye, and root chakras, resulting in intense vibrations and receiving messages from higher divinity. By channeling and grounding these elevated energies, Colombianite facilitates a deeper connection with guiding deities who assist us on our life path. As we experience spiritual growth and transformation, our physical bodies also undergo a parallel process. Angelic beings provide serene guidance and play a nurturing role in our spiritual awakening.

During periods of dissatisfaction or instability, it is recommended to connect with Colombianite. Placing the stone directly on the third eye during introspective practices allows for an immersive experience in a new spiritual realm. It encourages trust in oneself, intuition, and the celestial beings that guide us on our earthly journey.

Colombianite's ancient origins make it a powerful tool for reflecting on past-life experiences and reigniting our inner spirit. Through meditation with Colombianite, particularly near the root chakra, the stone's secretive energy unlocks the mind, body, and soul simultaneously. This practice is reminiscent of remote viewing or astral projection, enabling us to observe and comprehend past versions of ourselves from a three-dimensional perspective. These profound experiences shed light on unique traits that we carry into our present lives. By recognizing and addressing unresolved emotions and triggers from past phases, we can correct and overcome them, allowing the purity of our soul to transcend across lifetimes.

Note:These crystals are natural products from the Earth; because of this, each individual stone will be unique and vary slightly in color, texture, size, and shape. Please note that natural crystals will also contain imperfections and  inclusions. This will not affect its metaphysical properties.

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