5D Healing Crystals



Natural Red/Blue/Purple Corundum


#Red Corundum is said to promote insight into the unknown, promoting wisdom and wise choices. It is also believed to subdue emotional tumult by relieving tension, #releasing anger in a #positive manner and reducing the presence of negative thoughts. It is also believed to enhance intuition.


#Blue #Corundum is a tranquil stone that encourages you to seek after spiritual truth. It is traditionally associated with purity & love.


Other healing properties of Blue Corundum include:


extremely effective for earth and Chakra healing

helps you to stay on the spiritual path

transmutes negative energies

opens and heals your Throat Chakra and thyroid

helps you to express yourself and speak your own truth

Blue Corundum has the properties that are inherent to any kind of Corundum which is known to bring #peace of mind & serenity.


#Purple corundum can facilitate the flow of mental illness, various kinds of neuralgia, as well as help with brain concussion. Folk healers sometimes use corundum in osteochondrosis. corundum improves #digestion, promotes #rejuvenating effect.


Corundum is considered a very active stone. He requires his owner to work constantly. Corundum stone does not allow a person to relax, get carried away with something, and weaken control over thoughts and feelings. Corundum will be the best helper for someone who believes in what he is doing and wants to achieve high results. It will perfectly serve those who aspire to become a professional in their work. Experts believe that corundum just need to be worn by schoolchildren and students, since it contributes to the development of perseverance and better absorption of knowledge. If you wear a product with corundum on your chest or neck, it will cure a person from unreasonable fears, anxiety, irritability, frequent outbursts of anger, make it so that any, even the most boring, work will start to bring pleasure.





Add 100 pesos to make it into a pendant

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