5D Healing Crystals

Crimson Cuprite Mexico 12mm



Crimson Cuprite is an energy booster and activator of the Kundalini energies. It helps release past fears and traumas stored in the lower Chakras. Cuprite also helps you connect to your inner guidance and use this guidance to create and manifest in your world. It connects you to the Divine Feminine, your intuitive nature and helps in relationships, female organ issues, hormones, fertility.

Crimson Cuprite is a stone of feminine power,a nd it activates the feminine archetype of the Earth goddess. Crimson Cuprtie can also be a stone of Alchemy, and it resonates with the archetypes of the Magician and High Priestess. Just as copper conducts electricity well, Crimson Cuprite carries Divine energies from the inner world to their manifestation in the outer world.

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