5D Healing Crystals

Crystal skulls


 #Gemstone Skulls from natural untreated gemstones are popular now through the whole world.Collectors of gemstone skulls enjoy the magical pattern that many gemstones display from the different colours jasper to lace agates with crystallized pattern inside the carving.

The human skull shape does not represent death but is positive thought for #immortality or portal to two worlds.

Crystals and gemstones have been mostly used for curing, assistance and insight for number of years. This is the main reason why these gemstones were mostly adorned by queens and kings. This stone is useful in order to support individual and provide them with knowledge, control, curing and authority.

Gemstone Skulls have also been used by natural healers and shaman, as well. Throughout the world, earliest civilizations such as Mayans and Egyptians used it for their spiritual and medicinal powers. Early cultures were also conscious that carving crystals into the form of a human skull improved their control to influence healing and human awareness on all levels.

Crystal skulls are surrounded by the natural curing properties innate from different stones, which deliberated with different aspects of curing and realization. It can also be planned and absorbed by means of required intention for accommodating the healing of anyone. One can exert their effort with particular gemstones and detailed conditions It is still feasible to work with medicinal within a space for those individuals who you really care about. You can either offer them a crystal skull engraved in a gemstone that supports curing of their particular situation, or you can work with that crystal skull with your own and forward the intention of healing force to your loved ones.

Crystal Skulls are known as a symbol of hope, transformation and new beginnings. They’re also known for their healing, psychic abilities and power.

Size: 23x29x40mm

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