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Fibonacci Auric 21 Golden Vortex Orgone Pranic Device

Fibonacci Auric 21 Golden Vortex
Orgone Pranic Device

The Fibonacci sequence is the succession of numbers beginning with the unit, each of its terms is the sum of the previous two (1,1,2,3,5,8,13, ...). It is surprising that as a mathematical construct that appears repeatedly in nature. The distribution of the leaves around the stem, rabbits reproduction or the arrangement of the seeds in many flowers and fruit occurs only following sequences based on these numbers. Is it a mere coincidence, or is there some kind of "hidden agenda" that links mathematics with nature?

A mathematical sequence is a defined application on natural numbers. This , means that it is a set of numbers that is generated by applying certain rules. In fact, it's easy to imagine a sequence of numbers, and there are infinite numbers of them. However, some are more "famous" than others. Usually, it is intended that the laws which give rise to the succession are as simple and clear as possible. Leonardo of Pisa (1170 - 1250), also known as Fibonacci, was an Italian mathematician who became famous in Europe by spreading the numbering system that uses positional notation (base 10, or decimal) and a digit value null (the zero) that we use today. Leonardo also devised a sequence of numbers that bears his name, the "Fibonacci sequence".

The Pranic devices were widely used by the Atlantean civilization, before global cataclysm over 10,000 years BC , their construction and use was kept through the centuries in a hidden manner by secret societies, the famous Kabbalist Franz Bardon about the year 1930 achieves to release certain information in this respect calling them Akashic energy catalysts. Later the scientist Wilhelm Reich discovered orgone energy known as prana, ki or chi in the ancient civilizations, Wilhelm Reich died in prison and all his research about it is destroyed by the American government for national security reasons. Later, the American citizen Don Croft manages to create a simple device based on resin, quartz and metal calling it orgone.

The Benefits of Pranic Devices:
•Stability. •Expansion. •Polarity union. •Connection with the cosmic source. •Corrects the astrological influence of retrograd Mercury. •Helps concentration. •Contacting your true being. •Strengths inmunulogical system. •Aligns the bodies of light. •Stress reducer. •Restores memory in the fullness of your life. •Being more intuitive. •Better health. •Better relationships. •Experience high levels of conciousness. •Sleep better. •Having more energy. •Improves concentration. •Increase sensory perception. •Release psychological toxins. •Regenerate cells damaged by oxidation processes. •Improve transmission and electric current of the nervous system and brain. •They balance the PH. •Improves the functioning of DNA and regenerates it. •Assists to an atmosphere charged with anions. •Stabilizes natural growth frequencies such as Shumman resonance.
• Helps to the development and activation of the pineal gland.
• Develops higher energy centers.
• Potentiates and aligns the chakras.
• Increases extrasensoral abilities.
• Promotes and facilitates access to higher levels of consciousness.
• Tunes the entire energy structure with the higher dimensions.
• Increases synchronicity.

Russian scientist and inventor Georges Lakhovsky (1870-1942) stated that all cells of living beings emit and receive radiation and that altering their natural vibration causes them to lose vitality and malfunction.

He also said that all cells are in resonance with two types of radiation: those coming from the interior of the Earth (telluric, and those coming from space), cosmic, including solar radiation.

The Pranic Device is a result of a long investigation in the molecular geometry field, including studies in electromagnetic fields, orgonic energy, sacred geometry, gemmotherapy and torsion fields (Einstein-Cartan theory). As the anions or negative ions effects on living organisms.

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