5D Healing Crystals

Fluorite Cicada


The cicada is a sign of a better future. Therefore, with the presence of the cicada, you should have positive expectations about a better tomorrow. Most times, this will not happen instantly.

Therefore, this expectation will also build resilience in you to always go through tough situations without ever thinking of throwing in the towel.

  • Have you been going through difficult situations?
  • Are you tired of the life you are living at the moment?

Then, the cicada animal is a perfect spiritual symbolism of hope for your future, which creates a positive expectation in your heart.

The cicada is an insect that teaches you how to learn from your past mistakes to avoid falling into the same error.

The cicada is an indication of perfect timing. According to research, we discovered that the cicada knows the best time to hibernate and to come out of the ground. Therefore, they are the perfect spiritual symbolism for timing.


Fluorite is known as the "Genius Stone" as it increases concentration and helps in decision-making.

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