5D Healing Crystals

Gaia Stone tumbled

₱1,500 ₱2,000

Mt. Saint Helens Emerald

Enhances your connection with nature and with Mother Earth herself

Encourages love and compassion for all beings

Enhances all earth healing practices

Facilitates communication with beings of the animal and plant realms

Opens your heart and mind to the importance of environmental activism

Encourages you to “think globally and act locally”

Promotes harmony and balance for the good of all beings in the universe

Enhances grounding and centering practices

Nurtures you with the support of loving, earth energy

This stone works on the heart chakra and carries the heart chakra energy of the soul of the Earth. This type of attunement is very important at this current time as we begin to connect more deeply with Earth. It is also the Goddess stone. Gaia stone helps those doing self-healing of emotional wounds and those who wish to center in the heart and act from that place always. It induces compassion and diffuses anger.

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